Belden Pots are recycled and recyclable!


Belden Plastics Inc.’s entire product line are comprised of high-quality, 100% post-industrial recycled raw material  and are PP5 Recyclable. The one exception to this is the hanging garden, which is made from a blend of recycled and virgin material. 

Our pots have been made with 100% recycled raw material for the last 25 years, except for one SKU.  In addition to monitoring our product’s raw material, Belden has a diesel generator where we regularly blend in Bio-diesel when generating electricity.

Coming attraction in the near future, we are currently sourcing equipment, specking out the optimum design and investigating the permitting process to place a large steam turbine fueled by renewable and recycled waste wood and paper chips.  This will give any of Belden’s pots a negative carbon foot print delivered to our customer’s door.

Belden has made its commitment and we only ask you consider recycling the pots again.  Thank you for your time, we appreciate your business and a chance to make a difference.


Belden has converted all corrugated packaging and shipping containers to 100% recycled paper board. 

In one Year Belden Plastics Saved:

 541 Trees

143,1000 Gallons of Fresh Water

98,500 KWH of Electricity

67 Cubic Yards of Landfill Space

318 tons of CO 2


You Can Make a Difference! Support America and Recycle your Old Pots.

Help us conserve America’s limited resources by recycling your old Belden Plastics pots. We are committed to supporting America and ask our loyal customers to join us in our efforts to accomplish this.  

Belden Plastics Inc. is a voluntary participant in Xcel Energy Companies’ Peak Demand Program.  In order to reduce the need for new power plant construction, only to supply power for infrequent demand peaks, Belden has been a voluntary participant in a Peak Demand Program for over 25 years.  We schedule our production time and labor to power down during extraordinary but infrequent peak demand days that may occur during the year.

Thank you for supporting Belden Plastics, Inc. We appreciate your business and the opportunity to serve you with our American made pots for many generations to come.