Belden products are know for their:

  • Innovative designs, to help growers / Independent Garden Centers differentiate themselves with a different look, higher quality plants and better consumer experience – Hanging Garden, POP Basket, Belden 14 Saucerless Hanging Baskets.
  • Larger capacity (relative to comparable product lines) for greater soil volume –
    • More soil means bigger roots, bigger, stronger, better performing plants, better water holding capacity (less need to water frequently), better shelf life (less shrink) and greater consumer success
  • Substantial weight and strength – reinforced, easy to grip rims
  • Proper drainage using holes or feet providing healthy roots and healthy plants
  • Tag lock system to make it easier for the consumer to identify and care for their plant purchases
  • Belden’s product line* is comprised of 100 % post industrial recycled raw material!

The *Belden Hanging Garden is the only container in Belden’s product line that is not comprised of 100% post industrial recycled raw material


Check out some of our most popular grower products

  • Hanging Garden
  • POP Basket
  • Belden 14 Saucerless hanging baskets

Belden Baskets Larger Capacity = Greater Soil Volume   
Greater soil volume allows for a sturdier root system, why is this so important for plants? Roots enable plants absorb water, nutrients and store energy. A bigger, healthier root system generally means a bigger,stronger and better performing plants. By having a larger water holding capacity (less time needed to water, fertilize and decreased chemical run off), along with a longer  shelf life (less shrinkage) the greater success  the garden consumer will have.

Because plants only use as much water as they need the health and success of that plant depends on the roots not being too wet or too dry.  Belden Plastics Hanging Basket provides the right amount of water drainage so the roots are not too wet and last longer..Superior drainage with separate built-in water reservoir 

A complement to the Belden Plastics Hanging Basket is the Belden Saucerless Basket, which features a built-in water reservoir providing a constant water supply alleviating the need  to water several times a day. The self-wicking internal disk was designed to hold and separate excess water from the root system preventing the pot from draining all over your customer’s deck. This disk was designed to facilitate the movement of upward water into the root system when the growing media (soilless media) cannot provide available water to the plants root system.